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Ford Motor Assembly Plant

Ford Motor Assembly Plant Kansas City

Address Claycomo, Missouri United States
Employment Approximate current total employees: 7,250 Approximately 6,900 of these are hourly employees.
Production History Current products: Ford F-150, Transit Year opened: 1951 Site size in acres: 1,269

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Ford Motor Company Kansas City Assembly Plant – Clay County, Missouri, USA

he Ford Motor Company Kansas City assembly plant, also known as the Ford Claycomo plant, is located about 10 miles northeast of Kansas City, in Clay County, Mirrousi, USA. It currently produces the Ford F-150 and the Ford Transit .

The Kansas City Assembly Plant opened in 1951 specifically for military production, and was later converted for mass-market automotive assembly in 1956. It is one of Ford's longest running plants, and it's the largest car manufacturing center in terms of units produced in the United States, generating thousands of jobs and millions in tax dollars. It is the largest tax generator in Clay County, Missouri.

This page shows information about the Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant

Quick Facts

Year opened 1951
Facility size 4,717,565 square feet (438,000 m2)
Land occupied 12,269 acres
Location 8121 U.S. 69, Claycomo, MO 64119, United States
Hourly employees 9,900
Salaried employees 350
Total employees 7,250


Vehicles Production Years
Ford Contour 1995-2000
Ford Escape 2001-2012
Ford Fairlane 1955-1961
Ford Fairmount 1978-1983
Ford Falcon 1960-1970
Ford F-150 1957 - present
Ford Maverick 1970-1977
Ford Tempo 1984-1994
Ford Transit 2014 - present
Lincoln Blackwood 2002
Mazda Tribute 2001-2011
Mercury Comet 1960-1977
Mercury Mariner 2005-2011
Mercury Meteor 1961-1963
Mercury Mystique 1995-2000
Mercury Topaz 1984-1994
Mercury Zephyr 1978-1983

Historical Timeline


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