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Liberty Missouri Government

About the Charter
Liberty is one of 6 special charter cities in the state of Missouri. The most recent charter was approved by the state legislature and received by the secretary of state in 1861. The City Charter outlines the duties and authority of the City and establishes the Mayor as the chief executive officer of the City.

Building Permit Information

Building permits can be obtained on the 3rd floor of the Liberty City Hall, which is located at 101 E Kansas Street. In order to obtain a building permit, one must complete an Application in addition to paying any Building Permit Fees. The current adopted codes are: 2012.

For all building permit applications, the following information must be included with the building plans:

This information can be submitted on drawings as supplemental notes.

Current construction activity information is included in the Building Permit Tally . For more information about building inspections, please call 816-439-4534.

Liberty offers an excellent school system, a local University, a historic downtown neighborhood, cultural experiences, abundant parks and recreational opportunities and safe neighborhoods.

The City's 17 square miles is serviced by a highly rated public school system and excellent local municipal services like police, fire, water and sewer. The City of Liberty has been recognized by Money Magazine as one of the "Best Places to Live". Communities are selected by offering the best combination of economic opportunities, good schools, safe streets, things to do, and a real sense of community. This is Liberty - we have a strong community feel. Liberty Public School District
Liberty Public School District offers high quality schools that serve over 12,300 students and over 60,000 residents. The Districts' innovative approach to learning has created thinking "outside the box". EPIC Elementary School, a project-based learning environment, is designed to inspire students to be creative.
By participating in Northland Center for Advanced Professional Studies ( CAPS ), Liberty students are immersed in professional environments and are engaged in curriculum developed by industry professionals. For more information visit the Liberty Public School District website. William Jewell College
William Jewell College was established in 1849 in Liberty. "The Jewell Journey is rich with opportunities for students to live what they learn. Students can engage in our Center for Justice and Sustainability, collaborate in the new Pryor Learning Commons, design their own Journey Grant anywhere in the world, be a Division II athlete, research with a professor, or launch an entrepreneurial venture through our Idea Exchange."

The City of Fountains is practically overflowing with adventure. Whether it's the scent of smoldering BBQ luring you to a plate of ribs, the sweet echo of jazz welcoming an evening of entertainment or the spray of fountains inviting you to kick off your shoes and make a splash, you'll sense inspiration in the air – and find it along every boulevard.

Kansas City Hall

414 E 12th St, Kansas City, MO 64106 Phone: (816) 513-3600

City Officials

Sly James, Mayor
Sly James was elected mayor of Kansas City on March 22, 2011, and sworn in on May 1, 2011.

City Council
The City Council has 13 councilmembers, including the Mayor. All are elected at the same time to four-year terms and may serve two consecutive terms.

City Manager
As the city's chief administrator, the city manager is responsible for making city government run efficiently and economically.

Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners

Police Board of Police Commissioners
The Board of Police Commissioners has the responsibility of providing police service to the citizens of Kansas City, Missouri as mandated by Missouri State Statute.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find information on KCMO.gov?
KCMO.gov is a search-based site. Type what you're looking for in the search bar at the top right of any web page or in the big “What are you looking for?” bar on the KCMO.gov home page and department home pages. There is no need to guess which department a certain program is in or click through multiple pages to find information.

When is my trash day?
Find out your trash day by accessing the easy-to-use mapping application. Enter your name or address and data will appear showing your trash day, council district and other useful information.

How do I contact someone in a department?
Department contact information is listed on the department's home page and in the upper right corner of every department web page.

When does leaf and brush collection start?
Water Services, on behalf of the City of Kansas City, Missouri, conducts scheduled curbside leaf and brush collections each spring and fall. The collection schedule can be found on the kcwaterservices.org site.

Where can I drop off leaves and brush?
There are three locations: 11660 N. Main Street, 1815 N. Chouteau Trafficway and 10301 Raytown Road. Leaf and brush drop-off centers are open now to January 16, 2016. Drop-off centers are maintained by the City's Public Works Department.

Who is my Councilman? What is my district?
Find your home on the district map . Click on the district to view your representatives. You can also find your district, trash day and a multitude of other information with this map app .

How do I find a council meeting or committee meeting agendas?
You can find meeting agendas for each day on the City Clerk's website. Click on Departments in the top navigation bar and click on City Clerk's Office.

How do I find an archived council meeting or committee meeting?
You can find archived meeting videos on the City Clerk's website. Click on Departments in the top navigation bar and click on City Clerk's Office. On the City Clerk's Office site, there is a link called Video on Demand.

Where do I find City ordinances?
City ordinances are housed on an external site called Municode .

What is Animal Health and Public Safety's Enforcement Process?
See the Animal Health and Public Safety's Enforcement Process presentation in the Open Data Catalog.

Where or how do I report a code violation?
Contact 311 .

Where do I report a pothole?
Contact 311 .

Where can I buy a pool pass?
Passes to facilities maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department can be purchased online .

How do I register my business? How do I get a business license?
Businesses are registered through QuickTax . Register with QuickTax to get the process started for your business license. You can also contact KC BizCare at kcmo.gov/bizcare or 816-513-1120.

How do I get a job with the City?
Job opportunities are listed on the Careers page. There is a link at the top of every page on KCMO.gov.

Where do I find individual tax forms? How do I pay my taxes?
Tax forms can be printed or taxpayers can file electronically . Everything you need to know about paying taxes can be found on the tax info pages .

How do I find out if my street has been plowed?
Check out the snow plow map app . Other snow-related information that impacts residents is at kcmo.gov/snow .

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